Thursday, 13 June 2013

Common Blue Butterfly

I went in search of this and other small similar species this week and found only a few.
I always have a problem identifying the difference between a Common Blue and an Adonis Blue.
I was inclined to think that this is the Adonis as it has the black lines extending into the white wing edges and the thin black line separating the white edge from the blue. The various light conditions can also alter the shade of the blue colour. However, guided by blogging friends, including Trevor and David  I have revised the ID as a Common Blue. Its one of life's puzzles to me trying to sort out the difference between Common and Adonis. If it was a Chalkhill Blue I could manage.{:))


  1. Lovely images Roy but I'm afraid I can't really help ID wise as I've never actually seen an Adonis Blue :-( However I think Adonis has slightly more obvious black markings on the white fringe, both on top and underneath but I'm sure someone else will be better informed as to the differences :-)

  2. wonderful captures of such a beautiful butterfly Roy. That must've been a fun photo-shoot for you

  3. Super set of images Roy.

    I'm by no means an expert but I'm sorry to say that I think your Adonis Blue is a Common Blue...[:o(

    My reasons for thinking it's a Common Blue are :-
    The pale/white leading edge on the forewings (not on AB)
    The chequered marks are not bold enough for an AB.
    The AB shows black line/veins leading to the chequered marks.
    Blue suffusion on the underside is too strong for AB.
    The black 'boomerang' type mark on the underside of the forewing is typical of CB.
    The black chequer marks also appear on the wing underside of the AB.
    And finally I don't think the AB's range extends as far North as your area.

    You've probably already done this but you might like to have a look at this excellent website to make your own comparisons.
    Sorry to put a bit of a downer on things Roy...I'm feeling a bit mean now!!....[:o(

    1. Thanks Trevor, I do need to be shown the light and the way forward sometimes.{:))

  4. Hi Roy,

    Never mind it's Common blue, the pictures are very nice and I'm fond of this little bue butterfly. Of course it's nice when you can find an 'uncommon' blue, but I'm sure you will, just be patient.

    Kind regards,

  5. Hi Roy,
    I've just popped over from David's blog - fantastic pictures of the Blue. So far this year I have only seen three butterflies in our garden (two whites and an orange tip), so to see this one was really lovely. Thanks for posting it :-)

  6. Hey Roy....For me I just know it is stunning blue butterfly, and stunning imagines of it to !!
    Now if I ever see a blue butterfly I probably will want to know the name of it for sure : )!!
    They are all wonderful, but in someway the 3rd from the bottom just stands out to me!!
    I like your reply to Trevor's comment!!
    It takes a lot for a guy to admit his
    short comings sometimes : )))!!

  7. Wow! Gorgeous photos, Roy.

  8. I can tell the difference by the colour blue; The Common Blue is more lilac blue, the Adonis Blue is more turquoise when the sunlight catches its wings and if you watch the Adonis Blue as it turns around on a flower that its feeding on, the wings shimmer depending on how the sunlight catches its wings. On dull days the Adonis Blue is more greyish blue, so it does depend on the light how you see its colour. If there is both Common Blue and Adonis Blue in one area at the same time you will see the difference in the shades of blue of these lovely butterflies.

  9. Thanks Lyn, I should have checked with you before as I know you could tell the difference as you have posted both before. As you say I really need to see the two together I may learn something then. {:))

  10. I think these are lovely Roy. I am thinking you have a macro lens now.
    I always try to get a sot of a butterfly but it never turns out as crisp as yours are.

  11. I find this amazing blues. Also in the Netherlands, many of these blues find. Even Brown blues and females Argus :-)
    Beautiful pictures Roy and you have a beautiful header created equal.

  12. This is an amazing blue butterfly. You have been lucky seeing a lot of butterflies around (and getting them on camera) - you must have a lot of patience! I went for a walk Sunday in the fields, into the woods and back into the fields. Did not see ONE butterfly during the entire walk. I am quite worried. What has happened to them??

    1. Thanks Helena. I think the reduced numbers generally are due to the dreadful weather last year and species around then were unable to successfully lay eggs for this year. It could take a few years to recover or get worse if we have too many summers like the last one.

  13. That Blue is just so gorgeous! I wish it was "common" at my house :-) I love seeing the blue butterflies and you get such great shots of them.


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