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Sunday 29 May 2022

Adonis Valley

There is an area at Maiden Castle, Dorset that I call Adonis Valley.
This is where I usually find the Adonis Blue Butterfly.
It is located a good walk or a 5 minute drive away from my home.
Adonis Blue prefer sunny South facing slopes.

All of these images are of the first brood. 
A second brood occurs from August to September.



I was fortunate to witness a mating pair during this visit. 

An unwelcome guest arrives, who then leaves shortly afterwards.

I was being observed part of the time by a local resident.

Wednesday 25 May 2022

Another Visit to Cerne Abbas Giant

Another visit to the foothills of the Cerne Abbas Giant.
It was a very warm day and the usual efforts to make like a Mountain Goat failed miserably.
More Duke of Burgundy butterflies were on the wing.
Marsh Fritillary Butterflies were also there, but I displayed them in a separate post see 22nd May.

My first Brown Argus of the year was the first butterfly I observed that day.

Brown Argus

A Common Blue was the next species observed.

Common Blue

Dog Rose

The Duke of Burgundy were very active at one location.

Duke of Burgundy

Large White (Female) Spring Brood

The little blue flowers (Common Milkwort) grow on the hillside, but they are very small and the stems are somewhat shorter due to the temperature at that height.

Common Milkwort

This shy female Blackcap below remained almost hidden during the brief time I observed it.

A view looking West over the Village of Cerne Abbas.

A mating pair of Holly Blue below was visible (but only just) at the top of a tree.

Grizzled Skipper butterfly were plentiful on the ground.

Sunday 22 May 2022

Marsh Fritillary

The Marsh Fritillary Butterfly

One of our really colourful Butterflies, the Marsh in England is found mostly in the South West.
It is a species in decline across Europe, but UK is still considered a stronghold. 
I normally find it at two locations nearby to where I live, but these are managed habitats and unspoilt.
The Marsh's flight time is mid May to mid July.