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Thursday 30 January 2020

Radipole Walk

A recent walk around Radipole Lake for a couple of hours with varying degrees of light and weather revealed species that I expected to find.

iPhone Image

The main interest was observing a Little Egret that was stalking through the reeds fishing. It would disturb the water by moving its foot rapidly which in turn spooked the small fish. It would then strike with its long beak, but not always successfully.

Blue Tit

Cormorant resting in its usual spot


Male Bearded Tit 



Female Bearded Tit

Wednesday 22 January 2020

Purple Sandpiper

 A winter visitor that frequents rocky shorelines.
I searched along the rocky cliffs on the west coast of Portland Bill and found a small flock searching for food. 
It was quite amusing to see them feeding on the rocks and just avoiding the crashing waves that smashed against the rocks by flying just far enough away, to then quickly return to the same spot.
This continued all the time I was observing them.

Saturday 11 January 2020

Beardies - A Target Bird

My number one target bird for 2020 is the Bearded Tit.
So I really didn't think it would be so soon in the year that I achieved that.

However, here it is which I photographed on the 10th of January.
There were two males and two females and they remained at the same location for at least 20 minutes feeding on the seeds. 
So I shot over 1400 images, well I wanted to make sure.:))