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Monday 27 September 2021

Bees and B's

Photographed in the last few days.
Bumble Bees and Butterflies.
The summer like weather is still providing plenty to see.

Bombus Lucorum


Red Admiral

Small Heath

Speckled Wood

Saturday 25 September 2021

Common Sandpiper

Some distant images of a Common Sandpiper that I observed at Lodmoor reserve Weymouth recently.
The bird was feeding along the water's edge and rarely showing in full.

Friday 24 September 2021


I observed an unusual sight at Lodmoor Reserve, Weymouth the other day.
A Great White Egret, two Little Egrets and a Grey Heron in the same shot. 
They did retain the social distancing requirements during this encounter. 😀

Tuesday 21 September 2021

Whimbrel at Dusk

This Whimbrel has been observed around the Bill at Portland for some time now. There has been a suggestion that it has a problem with one of its wings. I have seen it on two occasions now, the first I didn't have a camera, the second time it was nearing sunset when I shot these images. I did observe it flying, although not a great distance, but did not see a problem with its flying. It appears to be feeding well and looks in good condition. It certainly walks around and avoids people, particularly Dog Walkers without any problem. Although a migratory species, some remain in UK over Winter.  The average lifespan is 11 years, but one has been recorded through ringing being 24 years. If it does have a wing problem preventing migration it could easily live on Portland it being a suitable location for its needs.


Sunday 19 September 2021

A Few Birds - 13/19 Sept

A variety of birds observed over the last week.

Kestrel (Female)

Black-tailed Godwit


Skylark (Immature)


Grey Heron

Stonehchats Galore
All looking rather scruffy after the breeding season.

Little Egret Fishing.
In this first shot he has caught a Dragonfly.