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Wednesday 30 March 2022

Woolly Jumpers Abound

On a recent country walk I took these images of fairly well developed lambs with their Mums.
All appeared to be doing well.

Friday 25 March 2022

Flutters at Last.

A visit to the local Arne Reserve in Dorset which originally was intended to search for Dartford Warblers developed into  a Butterfly Shoot instead.

Four species of butterfly were observed, the Comma, Peacock, Speckled Wood and the Brimstone. The last two were very briefly observed on the wing and I failed get a photograph.

I have also included (for interest) amongst the images some of the views around the Reserve.

Comma Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly

The view below is across the water to the Town of Poole.

The scene below is a misty silhouette of the ancient ruins of Corfe Castle, which can be observed from the Reserve.
This was a Saxon and Norman stronghold and is around 1000 years old.

When I first visited the Reserve some 20 years ago, Siki Deer were in abundance then.
They were easy to find and to approach and quite use to visitors. Nowadays you rarely see any, something to do with the ridiculous programme of culling apparently.

On this visit I was only able to see four deer at a great distance.

The Dartford Warbler. 
Well I missed one by about 5 seconds. It was being observed by two other Birders and as I arrived at their position after walking by a gorse bush, it flew and I miss seeing it altogether.

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Greenfinch Amour

I was visiting Lodmoor Reserve at Weymouth and I noticed movement in this large bush. I couldnt make out what it was other than bird movement of some kind. Based on the principle that I always abide by, "Shoot first and ask questions afterwards", I took a few shots and left it that I would review the results later on the laptop. 

The result of which, I discovered that I had witnessed and recorded a pair of Greenfinch's doing what birds do at this time of year. 
Well it is the mating season.😍

Sunday 20 March 2022

A Country Walk

Scenes from a recent country walk.

March is a time of year when we have observed most of what Nature has to offer during the Winter months. Then our thoughts turn to what is likely to turn up for the Spring. 

With birds it is the Spring visitors we are on the look out for. Our resident species will also begin to look at their best. Hopefully there will also be some early butterflies, especially if warmer temperatures occur. Flowers will also start to emerge. We would have already seen the Snowdrops, Crocus and Daffodils, next will be the appearance of Primroses and Cowslips.

So we wait in anticipation looking out for anything different. 

(All non bird images were taken with an iPhone)

Little Egret

The star of this post is this little Wren below that popped up onto a low branch from the undergrowth.