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Saturday 29 December 2018

Just a Few Birds

Just a few bird images from around the local Parkland.



Canada Goose



Little Grebe

Blue Tit

Tufted Duck


Grey Heron


Great Tit

Mute Swan

Wood Pigeon

Reed Bunting

Great Tit

Blue Tit


Teal (Male)

Thursday 27 December 2018

The Seed Pickers

Goldfinch (Male)

It wouldn't be the start of Winter without a few Goldfinch images eating seeds.

Saturday 22 December 2018

Thursday 20 December 2018

Another Kingfisher

Something really dramatic and unprecedented has occurred.
I have seen and photographed two different Kingfishers in one week.
Normally I would only actually see this species (or a blue flash) as it disappeared across a lake or along a river.

This female below was flying between two perches on a small stretch of river and I was able to get some shots at the nearest perch to me.

Kingfisher (Female)

Monday 17 December 2018

Cormorants vs Black-headed Gulls

Cormorants vs Black-headed Gulls
A regular sight now that can be seen on the lakes of the parkland where I walk.
Cormorants fish in groups and continually dive and return to the surface with various fish or even eels. The Black-headed Gulls know this and have learned to follow and hover over the Cormorants waiting for them to surface. At which point the gulls swoop down and try to grab anything available, either food that the Cormorant has let go or even from their beaks. The gulls will also dive into the water to catch anything loose.

I took these long range shots just before dusk one day last week.

Imaginatively, similarities can be considered here of a sea battle in nature, the analogy of Gulls diving on Cormorants could be like a squadron of aircraft attacking a flotilla of Submarines, but then that would be silly.