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Monday 26 September 2016

Fish Art

I thought the patterns of the river bed and the ripples on the water surface caused by the fish made an interesting image.

I believe that the fish are young Chub, but could be wrong of course.

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Pheasant Family

Male and Female

Found on the edge of a Bird Reserve on the parkland, these are wild Pheasant and not forming part of a reared Shoot. 
I was able to observe three young pheasant poults together with the male and female. They were all in tall grass and the young emerged infrequently so I was not sure of the number altogether.



Male and Female



Male and Female


Wednesday 14 September 2016

Flutter Finale

On a previous post where I featured butterflies I said it would probably be one of the last for the year. 
Well I couldn't resist this Painted Lady feeding on Buddleia the other day.

Friday 9 September 2016

Green Woodpecker (Immature) - Plus a Surprise

I found this male immature Green Woodpecker sitting in the centre of a tree in the Parkland.
Unusually it waited around so that I could take a few shots through the branches.

Later on the same walk I came across another immature of the species. I think this one was a female.
It suddenly too flight as soon as I observed it.


NB: For the Info of local Birding/Nature colleagues 

A Surprise.

As usual when one observes something different or unusual, one does not have the right camera available. I went out during the late afternoon to take a few landscapes and ended up on a road that runs alongside a river. 
My 'Spotter' observed movement in the centre of the river which as you can see below turned out to be an Otter.
I only had a camera with a 18-105mm lens attached and had to crop these shots to get an ID record.

For local colleagues the position was about 300 metres North of Deeping HB Water Tower.

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Spotted and Lesser

Always a target bird for me during the Autumn migration, the Spotted Flycatcher. 
Its interesting to watch it catching flies and frequently returning to the perch, which was also helpful as I could remain in the same covert location to take more images.

Two for the price of one. 
The Spotted Flycatcher that I was observing was joined by a Lesser Whitethroat.
You can observe from the images that I had to shoot through thick hawthorn bushes to get them.

The Lesser Whitethroat was far more difficult to observe as it skulks about in the thick bushes most of the time.

In my very amateurish assessment the yellow edging along its bill suggests to me that its a first year bird and this will be its first long flight South. 

Thursday 1 September 2016


I went searching for migrating species around the Parkland on a hot sunny day.
It was good to find this Whitethroat feeding away on Blackberries and Elderberries in the sunshine.
It needs to build its strength up for the long journey South to the Southern edge of the Sahara Desert.
Fortunately there is copious amounts of both of these berries around at the moment.