Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Spotted and Lesser

Always a target bird for me during the Autumn migration, the Spotted Flycatcher. 
Its interesting to watch it catching flies and frequently returning to the perch, which was also helpful as I could remain in the same covert location to take more images.

Two for the price of one. 
The Spotted Flycatcher that I was observing was joined by a Lesser Whitethroat.
You can observe from the images that I had to shoot through thick hawthorn bushes to get them.

The Lesser Whitethroat was far more difficult to observe as it skulks about in the thick bushes most of the time.

In my very amateurish assessment the yellow edging along its bill suggests to me that its a first year bird and this will be its first long flight South. 


  1. Hello Roy,
    Indeed, we are getting those migrant little fellows through here these days, your series in the hawthorn bushes is really lovely, lively and colourful!
    Great Whitethroats also in your previous post!
    I am busy with stags these days before they start bellowing and... before hunters shoot them for trophies :(
    Keep well and enjoy your photography!

  2. Hei Roy! Valtavasti punaisia marjoja pensaassa. Ihanat kuvat! Meillä on paljon kesäisin harmaasieppoja. Hyviä kuvaushetkiä.

  3. The whitethroat is in fabulous condition! Beautiful bird.

    All those berries, and the flycatcher isn't even interested!

  4. A lovely little bird to see which I presonally have not done this year. Gorgeous shots but I love the ones of them deep in amoung the berries

  5. Muy buen reportaje, Roy ¡da gusto ver las espineras con tantos frutos!. Saludos desde Asturias.

  6. Hi Roy
    You are very lucky ! I never seen The Spotted Flycatcher and Lesser Whitethroat. They are very amazing.
    Yes they are in France now ;)
    You can write yours comments in my blog in english :))
    Good evening

  7. Lovely captures of your Spotted Flycatcher and also the Whitethroat in your previous post. We wish them good luck on their long journey to their wintering grounds.

  8. I have never photographed a spotted flycatcher. I see them en never. You show a beautiful series.


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