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Monday 30 March 2020

Early Butterflies

Two early butterflies observed at Radipole Lake Weymouth.
Both the Comma and the Peacock appear early in the year from hibernation.



Saturday 21 March 2020

A Pochard Portrait - Plus a Big Fish?

A completely nature unrelated footnote, but worthy of a mention in my Blog.

All of this week the UK Aircraft Carrier HMS Prince of Wales, the second Queen Elizabeth-class Aircraft Carrier has been conducting Sea Trials just off the East coast of  the Isle of Portland. 
This obviously attracted a great deal of interest.

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Large Tortoiseshell Butterfly

My number one Butterfly target for this year 'was' the Large Tortoiseshell.

My nature watching colleagues of mainland Europe are likely to say
"Large Tortoiseshell - so whats the big deal - they are quite common"

In all the butterfly books it will inform that this species is extinct in UK. 
In fact it was last abundant back in the 1940's.  However some have more recently been released from captive bred stock by Entomologists in an effort to re-introduce and as a result of this, small numbers can be found in a few locations in the south coast areas.

One such location is the Isle of Portland where this week I was fortunate to be able to photograph a male and female of the species.



Sunday 15 March 2020

Bees in the Cove

The Bumble Bees are now flying and I found this one in the Church Ope Cove Portland.

Saturday 14 March 2020

Marsh Harrier - Radipole Lake

The following images I shot of the male Marsh Harrier are record shots only and pretty poor and not what I would normally post. However, as the pair of Marsh Harriers at Radipole Lake, Weymouth normally keep a considerable distance from the North Screen Hide, I still wanted to record them.

Usually the only sight you get of them is at a considerable distance (around 500 metres) when they either fly usually low or sometimes very high over their immediate area. Hopefully one day they may take pity on me and do a Fly-by close to the Hide. Watch this space.

Monday 9 March 2020

The Stonechats of Radipole Lake

On most occasions when I visit Radipole Lake Weymouth, I find a male and female Stonechat pair in the same general area.