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Monday 2 March 2020

Local Birds of Colour

Getting out between the rain over the last week or two was difficult and not conducive to good photography. 
On the occasions it wasn't raining, trying to stand firm (even with inbuilt Image stabilisation in the camera) in 35 mph winds seemed impossible at times.  

The first images of the Lapwing were taken at Lodmoor Reserve Weymouth.

On a day when the sun was actually shining I shot these few images of a lone Oystercatcher at the waters edge Portland Bill.

In very strong winds at Ferrybridge I was able to shoot these images of another Oystercatcher as it searched for food along the edge of receding tide.

At the same time there were also a few Med Gull, but they were not that cooperative and persisted in facing away from me into the wind. I couldn't get to a better location for the shot.

Also at Ferrybridge a few wintering Ringed Plover were searching for food. 
They were more helpful and would walk towards me at times. 


  1. wonderful images of these birds but i think my favourite for its wonderful colour in plumage is the Lapwing Roy

  2. Lapwings are truly beautiful birds. It amazes me that birds aren't simply blown back up into the air when it's windy like that!

    1. Thanks John. I wondered how I remained in spot at the time.:)

  3. Ihanat kuvat! Kohta ne saapuvat myös tänne;-))

  4. Hi Roy,
    Great show of beautiful birds. You obviously had beautiful sunshine!
    The sunny weather, the bird turns amazingly beautiful!Splendid!
    Warm Greetings,

  5. Hi Roy.. Nice pictures of these beautiful birds... Happy day


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