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Saturday 10 March 2018

Temporarily Absence From Blogging

Due to an eye operation I will be absent from the blogging World for a few weeks.
I shall return.

Siki Deer at Arne in Dorset  - Taken in 2009

Chirurgie oculaire. Pas de blog. Je reviendrai.
Oogchirurgie. Geen blog. Ik zal terug komen
Augenoperation. Kein Blog Ich komme wieder.
Silmäleikkaus. Ei blogia. Palaan.
Cirugía ocular. Sin blog Volveré
Operacja oka. Brak bloga. wrócę
Operace oka. Žádný blog. vrátím se
眼科手術。 ブログはありません。 私は戻ってきます

Wednesday 7 March 2018

From the Window

Its a long while since I have completed a 'From the Window' post.
However, two Woodpigeons were feasting on the emerging buds and leaves of the Flowering Cherry Tree and this presented an opportunity for a few shots. Normally when shooting through double glazing its best to place the lens at right angles up against the glass. The problem was that the Woodies were close enough to the window that this would have scared them off. 
So the result was not such clear images, but you get the general idea.

Woodies are adept at climbing and hanging on to tiny little twigs that hardly bear their weight.

Saturday 3 March 2018

A White and Grey Day

Images taken on my latest Parkland walk or should I say trek.

Colloquially known as the Beast from the East, this cold spell revealed temperatures around -6 celsius and in some exposed areas with a further wind chill factor around -11.

Not much sign of life other than a very few people. However each time I stopped anywhere a Robin would hop up to me on the snow or in a bush. They must have known that I had bird seed in my pocket.

Thursday 1 March 2018

Spring is a Long Way Off

Spring is a long way off and there is very little sign of it as yet.
These Crocus flowers are really struggling to show, with temperatures of -3 celsius (26f) in the day time and -11 celsius (12f) at night with snow storms every few hours.

Its depressingly typical that when the UK gets 10 centimetres of snowfall the country comes to a grinding halt. Roads become treacherous and in places areas are cut off. Trains stop running, schools close and all manner of major problems occur.
We are not and never will be prepared for moderate snowfall lasting a few days.
Its a good job that our Royal Marine Commandos train in Norway, at least the military is prepared.

Below are a few local (mostly) Park scenes.