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Sunday 30 August 2015

Swans on the Water

I wasn't going to use the obvious title "Swan Lake"  as I think thats been used before somewhere.
I shot these images of Mute Swans on one of the Parkland lakes. There is a lot of swan activity at the moment with pairs trying to mark out their piece of territorial water and immature or unattached singles crowding out the lakes. Odd really as the breeding season is over and its not just parents driving off their young which is normal behaviour. Pairs appear to want to hang on to their bit of water even at this time of year.

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Feathered Foragers

Now that the breeding season for birds is drawing to a close, the main activity is feeding.
Adult breeding pairs need to recover from the rigours of parenthood. Immature resident species need to fatten up for the Winter. Migrating species need to take on board as much fuel as possible especially the first year types prior to leaving.

I have shot a few general images of what I observed on a walk this week.

The Bullfinch certainly enjoys Rowan berries.

The Blue Tit likes them also, as well as Elderberries.

The Blue Tit can also be observed in groups along with the Long-tailed Tit below.

The Spotted Flycatcher needs to take on fuel for its journey to Africa.............

............ as does the Whitethroat.............

...........and the Willow Warbler

Its a good time to observe many species now, as from what I have seen they are more approachable because they are too busy eating.

Sunday 23 August 2015

A Horse Day

Not had a Horse Day for a while. 
These few have been turned out on the heathland part of my Woodland/Heathland walk recently.
They are a scruffy bunch, but like being photographed.