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Saturday 30 April 2022

Goldfinch Dispute

On one of my country walks there is a double hedgerow with a pathway between it.
I have observed Goldfinch in that area in the past.
Today there were two pairs of Goldfinch at that location. 
It appeared to me that they were having a dispute over a nesting site.
This continued for quite some time and involved a lot of flying around and chasing each other away from the site. This enabled a lot of flight shots even though I didn't really have the best lens for the task.


Monday 25 April 2022

A Butterfly Shoot

Brimstone (Female)

On my latest walk I observed three (first in year) specie sightings.
This female Brimstone was feeding on the nectar from Bluebells.

Lucky Shot

This Green-veined White appeared (From its appearance and behaviour) to have recently emerged from the chrysalis  

Green-veined White

Towards the end of my walk I was thinking that my chance of shooting an Orange Tip was unlikely. 
I had observed males flying, but none had stopped for a photographic opportunity. 
Then along came this male and kindly stopped on a green leaf, then a Red Campion, then a Bluebell.
Fortunate or what.

Orange Tip (Male)

Friday 22 April 2022

Close Encounters

Walking along a path beside a river, I noticed a male and female Speckled Wood butterfly conducting aerobatics. This is a precursor prior to mating, or at least an attempt to do so.
With all that circling around at speed, at least one or both could claim they have a headache and call off the procedure. 😓😓

Unfortunately it just didn't work out between this pair and they went their separate ways.