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Friday 29 January 2016

More Greylag in Flight

I was more fortunate this time with this flight of Greylag taking off from one of the Parkland lakes. 
I had no obstructions like tall trees and the Sun was behind me.

Wednesday 27 January 2016


NB. One of my experienced ornitholigists and trusted advisors has pointed out that this is a first winter male not a female. Apparently the female would not have a white spot on the side of the head and its all brown.

This first winter male Goldeneye has been on the largest of the lakes in the Parkland for a few days now. 
She keeps company with a small flock of Tufted Duck.

Getting close to her for photographs even with a 70-400mm lens was not easy.
Like the Tuftis, she prefers diving for food near the lakes edge which is more shallow. 

However if you approach she will move out into deeper waters.
The main reason why I didn't get many side shots of course.

Hitting a Bow wave

Note the head plumage

Sunday 24 January 2016

Another Dull Day

Another dull day that only brightened up just at the end of my walk. That said, the temperature never exceeded about 3 Celsius. Much of the three lakes surface was covered in ice and there was little wind.

However you have to make the best of what is presented to you in respect of outdoor winter photography especially with nature subjects. 

Just occasionally the sun got through small gaps in the cloud

Greylag geese grazing on the meadows adjacent to one of the lakes.

Canada geese grazing on one of the flooded meadows.

The Greylag flock swimming in echelon almost like they fly.

Coot and Black-headed gulls standing around on the ice.

Not great shots unfortunately of a flock of about 20 Siskin feeding high in alder trees.

Another ray of sun lighting up willow trees on the water's edge.

A Grey Heron on an alternative hunting trip due to the iced conditions on the water.

Reed Bunting (female)

Blue Tit


As the sky cleared now the Moon shows up.

"All that glitters/glisters is not gold"
The Merchant of Venice
What can I say, you even get Shakespeare here.{:))

Black-headed Gull flock roosting on the ice.
This last image just about summed up the day really.