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Thursday 14 July 2022

Posting Temporary Suspended.

Due to an eye operation, I will not be posting on here from now for about 6 to 8 weeks. 

However, I will be back.

Little Beach Portland looking North East towards Lulworth Cove

Wednesday 13 July 2022

Young Kestrels on Portland

Four young Kestrels have been sighted on the east cliff of Portland Bill recently.

I was able to get some shots of them as shown below. 
They were with their mother most of the time.


Tuesday 12 July 2022

A Portland Walk

Where is the best place to go for a walk with the camera when it is extremely hot weather. 
I came up with the idea that walking around the Southern part of Portland, known as Portland Bill, would be a good idea. At any time of the year there is always some wind blowing at Portland Bill and although the temperature was around 30c it was reasonably pleasant to walk around there.

The walk produced a variety of images for the Blog.
The main bird to feature was the Skylark.

A good variety of flowers grow in the area.

There are also several species of day time moths including the Scarlet Tiger as below.


The Common Blue Butterfly is one of the many species to be found at various times in the season.

Another airborne Skylark

Always a favourite, the Linnet can be found everywhere in the open fields.
I was watching a Pair that would take it in turns to fly up onto the fence line from the open field.

The scene below was taken where I had a bite to eat and some water. 
Water needs to be taken in moderation on a continuous basis during any walking in such heat.

A resident on the Island, this Common Buzzard was sitting on a fence pole, but it saw me before I saw it.

Large Skippers that I observed were looking a little old especially in this hot sun.

Still plenty of Marbled Whites around.

More of the Linnets.

The only Wall Brown (below) that I could find.