Saturday, 2 July 2022

A Showery Local Walk

My local walk began with some sunny periods with white clouds and blue sky, but it didn't last very long. Being located in the South West and near the Sea, it is amazing how quickly the sky can change from a few white clouds to a sky full of very dark rain filled ones. Fortunately I use cameras that you can pour buckets of water over and it makes no difference to them.

At the beginning of the Butterfly season one tends to chase around trying to get the first image of the various species as they appear on the wing. Thereafter, one moves on and in respect of some species such as the Meadow Brown they are mostly ignored. I am certainly guilty of that.

 So in praise of the Meadow Brown I have featured it in this post. During the showers they disappeared, but soon came out again afterwards pausing briefly to dry the wings. 

Female Meadow Brown

Male Meadow Brown




There are certainly a lot of Meadow Browns this year. 

Infrequent rain failed to scare the Bumble Bees away and they continued to go about their work.

This young Moorhen was quite happy exploring in the rain.


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