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Friday 27 April 2018

Single Image Post

My latest single image post was taken at a location down a quiet lane where there is a row of blossom trees. I am not sure what the tree is, but they provide plenty of colour at this time of year. Its also a good place to check out butterflies that use the blossom to feed on.

Monday 23 April 2018

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

I am late getting into the butterfly scene this Spring (as I am with birds) due to being confined to barracks.:)
I have managed now to photograph a Small Tortoiseshell, which was one of four found in long grass in open fields. 
In recent days I have also observed (although not photographed) a Brimstone (male and female), a Small White, an Orange Tip, a Peacock and a Speckled Wood. 

Tuesday 17 April 2018

Late Arriving

Spring was late arriving this year. 
We had a lot of cold wet weather which appeared never ending. The season is certainly two or three weeks behind from what I have observed during my second outing since returning to blogging.

The Pasque flower for instance which should be well advanced by now are barely visible. 
I went to an area where they grow and I could only find a very small number.

Another flower, the Early Purple Orchid that should have been in flower, I could only find this single plant with leaves only.

One flower that may get a better chance to arrive on time is the Bluebell as this week the temperatures are getting warmer.
I found some in woodland amongst late flowering Wood Anemone and they will soon replace them by displaying a beautiful blue carpet. (Watch this space)

Cowslips are just about on time and I shot a few images as shown below.

Wood Violets are showing well now everywhere.

Saturday 7 April 2018

Wild Spring Flowers

Spring has definitely sprung now. 
These images are as a result of my first outing after a successful eye operation.
I visit this location every spring as firstly it has a carpet of Wood Anemones and numerous bunches of Primroses and a few Wood Violets. Later it will be covered in Bluebells.

I sent the image below to a dear family friend to see if it reminded her of anything, having regard to the shape of this bunch of Wood Anemones can you guess which country she lives in.