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Tuesday 30 March 2021

The Butterfly Year

Two species to start my Butterfly year.
The first and most sought after is the Large Tortoiseshell.
I was able to locate one male today at the known location for this species in my part of the Country. 
It was a long way up on the trunk of a tall tree. 
It then disappeared from my sight and I was unable to observe it again. You can view better images of this in a March entry of 2020 and also on my Flickr. (site see link on the side bar)

Large Tortoiseshell (Male)

The other species and more easily found now is the Peacock.
It is a resident species and would have emerged from over Winter hibernation recently.


Wednesday 24 March 2021

Goldcrest and a Surprise

Standing on a bridge on part of my usual Lockdown walk I was able to attempt some shots of a Goldcrest that was moving about trees the other side of the water. 

The Goldcrest is definitely my photographic nemesis. 
I can never get a good clear sideways on shot of this jinx of a bird.

So I was stood on this bridge trying to shoot some images of the Goldcrest.

Occasionally I glanced towards this little stream below that runs into the river. (I have shot Little Egret there before)
I noticed movement and thought it was a Moorhen creeping along the side of the stream. I couldn't see it clearly through the 600mm equivalent lens, but took a few shots anyway through the 6 bar iron gate.
I am a great believer in 'Shoot first, ask questions afterwards."
I then returned to concentrating on getting the Goldcrest.

At home when I blew up the images on the laptop I could see that I had actually observed a Water Rail. You can be sure I shall check this location more often, as you don't get the opportunity everyday to see a Water Rail.

Sunday 21 March 2021

Lockdown Walk - Spring is Here

It is official, Spring is here. The 21st March, the Spring Equinox.
A few images from my recent lockdown walk.

Flowers of many kinds are bursting out everywhere.

It wouldn't be March without some rather threatening looking clouds and high winds. 

iPhone Image

Female Blackbird probably on the look out for a suitable nesting site.

A Redwing making his way North East on the way to Scandinavia.
He has got a long way to travel yet.

Yellowhammers are looking nice and bright now especially around the farm on my walk where the grain is stored.

Male Chaffinch looking pretty colourful for the breeding season.


There are green shoots everywhere.


Another chance I have had to shoot a few images of the Grey Wagtail this Spring.
This one was also at some distance, necessitating heavy cropping of the images unfortunately.

Wrens are making a lot of noise now singing from prominent perches.

 A lone Song Thrush found at a location that I have seen him a few times before.

Lesser Celandines

Daffodils of various blooms are out in full everywhere, along pathways, roadside verges and woodland.

Saturday 20 March 2021

LTT The Homemaker Part 2

I can report that the Long-tailed Tit pair building their nest (see 2nd March blog post) appear to have completed the task. It took approximately three weeks to build.

Although I am not able to observe, I assume now that the female will begin to lay her eggs. Apart from shift changes, there will be very little action from now on until feeding starts and then fledglings emerge.

As you can see below, this Homemaking lark is rather tiring. 
One of the pair was caught having a brief sleep during the period I was there.