Saturday, 20 March 2021

LTT The Homemaker Part 2

I can report that the Long-tailed Tit pair building their nest (see 2nd March blog post) appear to have completed the task. It took approximately three weeks to build.

Although I am not able to observe, I assume now that the female will begin to lay her eggs. Apart from shift changes, there will be very little action from now on until feeding starts and then fledglings emerge.

As you can see below, this Homemaking lark is rather tiring. 
One of the pair was caught having a brief sleep during the period I was there.


  1. Hello Roy
    Part 2 is also an eye-catcher, how you always manage to keep the little birds still for you for so long ..;)) Very nice to look at

    Greetings Frank

  2. Roy Beautiful images and it is so sweet to see one having a nap. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Lovely images
    A great bird to watch gathering materials

  4. Hei Roy! Minä pidän paljon pyrstötiaisesta. Ne on niin kauniita lintuja.

  5. Aww, they are one of the cutest garden birds! Lovely photos. We had some building a nest in our old garden in a hanging branch from a conifer. When we were close up it really took some searching to find the nest as it was so well camouflaged. They are works of art. xx

    1. Thanks Mandy. I have looked at it from all directions and find it extremely difficult to see, even with binoculars.

  6. The tail tits are very nice birds. unfortunately I hardly ever see this but I can now happily enjoy it with you :-)


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