Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Goldcrest and a Surprise

Standing on a bridge on part of my usual Lockdown walk I was able to attempt some shots of a Goldcrest that was moving about trees the other side of the water. 

The Goldcrest is definitely my photographic nemesis. 
I can never get a good clear sideways on shot of this jinx of a bird.

So I was stood on this bridge trying to shoot some images of the Goldcrest.

Occasionally I glanced towards this little stream below that runs into the river. (I have shot Little Egret there before)
I noticed movement and thought it was a Moorhen creeping along the side of the stream. I couldn't see it clearly through the 600mm equivalent lens, but took a few shots anyway through the 6 bar iron gate.
I am a great believer in 'Shoot first, ask questions afterwards."
I then returned to concentrating on getting the Goldcrest.

At home when I blew up the images on the laptop I could see that I had actually observed a Water Rail. You can be sure I shall check this location more often, as you don't get the opportunity everyday to see a Water Rail.


  1. Hoi Roy, prachtige fotos. Ik heb de goldcrest ook pas geleden gezien, ze zijn moeilijk te fotograferen, zijn erg vlug. Bedankt voor je bezoek aan mijn blog. Groetjes Caroline

  2. Great photos and I hope you get to see the Water Rail again, Chiffchaffs have arrived back to West Yorkshire this week. Just need the Weatear and hopefully the Ring Ouzel back on the moor next month.

    1. Thanks Amanda. The Wheatear are on their way up to you. Seen here in the last few days.

  3. Thanks for commenting Roy. it let me reconnect with you. I had lost the link when blogger started misbehaving on my ipad. I thought those were great shots of the Goldcrest!

  4. Hi Roy,
    great to see the goldcrests :-))))
    But you also saw a beautiful water rail.

  5. Wow! Well there I was thinking your Goldcrest photos are pretty darn good, so don't beat yourself up. They are tiny little things that flit about in amongst the branches, so you did extremely well. Then, I saw your Water Rail! You must have been over the moon to discover it in your photos!! I have seen a couple once, but very briefly. Hope you will get to see one round there in the future. :-)
    P.S. Enjoyed the previous posts, but too lazy to comment individually! :-)

    1. Thanks Mandy. I would really like to see a closer Water Rail. Haven't seen one for years.


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