Saturday, 6 March 2021

Lockdown Walk - Milestone


The Romans first introduced road distance markers in England.

Distance markers constructed of stone (Milestones) became common in the 18th Century.  Many were removed prior to the World War II to confuse the in German military if there was an invasion, but there are thought to be around 9000 still in existence.

Ploughing in the mist

Walking along a farm track I could observe Yellowhammers in the hedgerow. The birds were flying down onto the field and eating the loose barley grain left over from harvesting. Unfortunately as is often the case, I was only carrying a medium lens and could only get average images heavily cropped.

I returned to this track the following day with a long lens. 
Sods Law dictates that the field had in the meantime been ploughed up and the grain and the birds were missing. Such is the life of a Nature Photographer or someone like me that shoots a few images with a camera. 

The Chiffchaff below recently reported is still hanging out by the river bridge and appears to be feeding very well on insects now,

Briefly joined on the occasion of my visit by a fleeting Goldcrest. 

Treecreepers are busy along the walk.

The male Chaffinch is now looking fine in his Spring courting plumage.


  1. Hi Roy... Very nice pictures... Happy weekend

  2. Lovely post, great images of the English countryside at work....
    Yellowhammers, fantastic and lucky you.

  3. Looks like you had a great walk Roy . Lovely to see the Yellowhammers, and the cheeky Goldcrest as well as a Treecreeper. Looks like it was a lovely sunny day. Have a great week ahead

    1. Thanks Margaret. Now it is raining everyday.:((

  4. Hi Roy,
    De geelgorzen zijn prachtig( Yellowhammers) Ook prachtig licht en actie van de meeuwen bij de tractor op het land! Ik heb weer genoten van je lockdown-walk!

  5. Hi Roy
    I love the tree creeper! Amazing and lovely pictures, as always 🙂


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