Tuesday, 30 March 2021

The Butterfly Year

Two species to start my Butterfly year.
The first and most sought after is the Large Tortoiseshell.
I was able to locate one male today at the known location for this species in my part of the Country. 
It was a long way up on the trunk of a tall tree. 
It then disappeared from my sight and I was unable to observe it again. You can view better images of this in a March entry of 2020 and also on my Flickr. (site see link on the side bar)

Large Tortoiseshell (Male)

The other species and more easily found now is the Peacock.
It is a resident species and would have emerged from over Winter hibernation recently.



  1. Wonderful to see a Large Tortoiseshell, however distant and uncooperative. Lots of Brimstones around when I went out yesterday and just one Peacock.

  2. Voi, miten ihanaa! Siellä on perhosia jo;-))

  3. Hello Roy
    it starts again, I could already see a few butterflies, I'm happy to see what's next
    Greetings Frank

  4. Lovely! I've never seen a Large Tortoiseshell. The Peacock photos are great - it's looking so nice and fresh. Here's to many more butterflies this year! (I saw a Baton Blue the other day on the garrigue by the coast, absolutely tiny little butterfly, a lifer for me!)


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