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Sunday 28 January 2024

Rock Pipit and Avocet - Local Area

Featured in this post is a few odd images taken on a joint visit to Portland Bill and Lodmoor Reserve Weymouth This week. The weather was fine, but there wasn't much different in the way of birdlife around.

East Cliffs

Although it was having some feather problems this Rock Pipit put on a nice display (on a 'Rock' of course.) Not just any old rock, this was Portland Stone of course.

A bird not seen by me before at the Lodmoor Reserve was the Avocet.
Fortunately I observed a lone individual that from reports of other Birders had been there for two weeks.
It was searching for food in shallow water and really working hard to find its meal.

Looking into the direction of the sun off the edge of Portland Bill water, which was relatively calm after the recent gale force winds we have experienced in this part of England. 

A view across Lodmoor Reserve.

Something a little different. 
Looking at Gulls (Herring I think) on the edge of the rocks at Portland Bill.

Immature Cormorant and Herring Gull resting on the rocks.

Another Rock Pipit.

Three more views at Lodmoor.

Thursday 25 January 2024

Active Birds

Now that the gale force winds and continuous torrential rains have ceased (for now), birds are now becoming quite active. 
Blue Tits are chasing each other around, which is a good sign of the upcoming Spring.
The Chiffchaffs are now appearing at the edge of the local rivers catching river flies. Goldfinch are atop the alder trees searching out the seeds, as are Blue Tits. Great Tits are searching the bark of trees for insects. The greenery of the pathways and field edges are looking fresh and healthy.

At last there is something of nature to photograph.


Blue Tit




Great Tit