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Sunday 30 June 2019

Meadow Brown Butterfly

The Meadow Brown. A species that generates interest amongst us enthusiasts for a few days when it first emerges. Then we move swiftly on to more colourful species at the beginning of July. It still has interesting markings all the same. 


Saturday 29 June 2019


I always struggle with identifying some of the Skipper species.

1. Small Kipper  

2. Large Skipper

3. Large Skipper

4. Essex ?

5. Small Skipper

6. Small Skipper

7. Small Skipper

8. Essex Skipper

9. Small Skippers

10. Large Skipper

11. Small Skipper

12. Small Skipper

13. Small Skipper

14. Small Skipper ?

Friday 28 June 2019

Sailor Returns

On my woodland walk this week I was surprised to see the White Admiral on the wing. 
Usually this would be the first week in July.
The sightings were in two separate locations so it bodes well for numbers this year in respect of this species. 

Also on the wing in the woodland area I did observe one Silver -washed Fritillary butterfly, but no chance of a photograph.
In respect of other species, I observed good numbers of Red Admiral and the Painted Lady. In respect of the Red Admiral, which is a migrating species, I observed more during the morning than I observed the whole of last year. 
The Painted Lady in various conditions, continued to turn up all over the place.

Thursday 27 June 2019

Silent Shutter

Another good thing about mirrorless cameras. 
You can switch to silent shutter which was very useful on this occasion.

That said, these two Fallow Deer were still very alert and suspicious. 
I was still and there was no wind and after studying me for a few moments, they moved slowly on out of sight.

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Painted Lady Influx ?

At the beginning of this week during my walk I observed and photographed Painted Lady butterflies in three distinctly separate locations.
Normally my sightings of this species each year are that of one only on each occasion and then usually several days/weeks later between those times.
So is this the start of a major influx of this species like 2009.?

Monday 24 June 2019

Reed Bunting Pair

For a few moments I was fortunate enough to watch a pair of Reed Bunting collecting food for their young.