Friday, 28 June 2019

Sailor Returns

On my woodland walk this week I was surprised to see the White Admiral on the wing. 
Usually this would be the first week in July.
The sightings were in two separate locations so it bodes well for numbers this year in respect of this species. 

Also on the wing in the woodland area I did observe one Silver -washed Fritillary butterfly, but no chance of a photograph.
In respect of other species, I observed good numbers of Red Admiral and the Painted Lady. In respect of the Red Admiral, which is a migrating species, I observed more during the morning than I observed the whole of last year. 
The Painted Lady in various conditions, continued to turn up all over the place.


  1. Mais uma série de imagens absolutamente deslumbrantes!...
    Esta espécie, creio nunca ter encontrado por aqui!...
    Um grande abraço! Feliz fim de semana, para si e todos os seus, Roy!

  2. Hi Roy,
    A fantastic butterfly and rather rare! Great to see this in your one region!
    I have not seen one this year ! Not yet ;-)
    Regards, Maria

    1. Thanks Maria. I am always please to find this one.

  3. Hello Roy
    This is really great.
    This butterfly is an absolute gift

  4. we don't see those here, really nice looking butterfly. You seem to be having a lot of butterflies.

    1. We have had some good weather for them Nora.


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