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Thursday 30 June 2016

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly (Summer Brood)

The Summer brood of Small Tortoiseshell are now emerging which are the offspring from the a
adults that made it through hibernation last winter.

This is an ideal time to photograph this species with a variety of flowers in abundance that it can be observed feeding on.

I was fortunate to find several this week feeding on Corn Marigolds which have been sown in the parkland along with Corncockle and and Corn Daisies in large numbers.

This species is surely amongst the most colourful we see in the United Kingdom.

Sunday 26 June 2016

More Butterfly Sightings

Another Butterfly shoot with some of which are first sightings of the year.

Small Heath Butterfly (Mating pair)

Ringlet (Male)

Common Blue (female)

Meadow Brown (Male)

Meadow Brown (Female)

Large Skipper (Male)

Green-veined White (Female)

Holly Blue (Female)

Small White (Male)

Brimstone (Female)

Orange Tip (Male)

Small Tortoiseshell

Just a little artistic licence, I have added a few Sepia images.

Thursday 23 June 2016

More Busy Birds

Mr Chaffinch busy collecting food for young in a nearby nest.

It remained still for a short period as I walked by and tried to blend with its background, not wanting to give away the location of the nest.

Below is a pair of Linnet that have a nest nearby. 
They took a short break from parental duties to pose for these shots.
As you can observe they don't look their best at this busy time.