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Monday 29 February 2016

Predators Near Miss

Its not the first time I have had my camera set for still images when something happens that meant it should have been set for fast moving subjects. It probably will not be the last time either.

So please excuse the poor quality of these images, but they are posted for interest anyway.

I was shooting still images from a bird hide the other day using a 70-400mm lens with a shutter setting around the 640 mark.

Of course this was the wrong setting for what was about to happen next. 
It was one of those "If only" moments. 
However. one does't really have a lot of time to change camera settings in the event of a Sparrowhawk attack.

If you look at the first of the sequential images below you may be able to determine that it is a male Sparrowhawk (Top right of image) arriving at a bird feeder. You can also make out a Great Tit (Top left of image) attempting to escape the clutches of the pursuer.

Fortunately for the Great Tit, it was able to evade the capture on this occasion and the Sparrowhawk crashed into the branches and left the scene empty taloned.  

Thursday 25 February 2016

Emerging from the Shadows

The Robin is more active now and showing out eveywhere as we move towards Spring.

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Buds and Seeds on the Menu

Now that the buds are emerging on Ash and Maple and there is plenty of Alder seeds available, its a good idea to look for the various species of birds that like that kind of food at this time of year.

Listen out for the cheerful song of the Goldfinch high in the trees. 
They eat a variety of buds and seeds and are usually in small flocks.

Look amongst the Goldfinch or more likely on their own or with a partner, you may find the Bullfinch. 
The male with its bright coloured chest stands out very well.
That said, they are never easy to get a clear shot of as they hide behind twigs and branches.

If you are really fortunate, you may find amongst the Goldfinch one of these below.
The Siskin feed in small flocks or with Goldfinch. These below were with the Goldfinch in this post feeding on Alder seeds.



Friday 19 February 2016

Parkland Walk

A Parkland Walk was enjoyed in the sunshine this week for a change.

Bluebell Wood still looks somewhat bare, although on close examination there are green shoots emerging.

A casualty of the recent high winds. 
A great shame it had to be an Oak though.

What do you expect to find in Bluebell Wood ?
Well I didn't quite expect to find Bluebells just yet, but I found three growing close to each other amongst the masses of green bluebell plant leaves. 

The Willow looks nearly ready to harvest again.

There are still plenty of Snowdrops around.......

.....even a few Primroses.

Miniture Daffs that had been planted in the parkland grass are showing now.

The Blackthorn looks lovely now in sunlight with blue sky as a background.


Bramling observed recently, but I had not posted the image before.

Male Reed Bunting in the sunlight.

Golfinch having eaten the seeds from the Teasel decide to perch on it.

Nene Valley Heritage Railway
(One for you David)
Looks like an old military train as it has WD and a broad arrow on the side.
Well it looks like a train anyway.{:))

The elusive Goldcrest image, still not how I would like to get one though.

Greylag returning from a "Sortie' on local farmland.

A Cormorant overhead.

The Drake Mallards are really beginning to look at their best now.

NB: For some as yet unknown reason, recently my images after I have posted them don't look very clear. They are fine before hand, but something is not working right. Back to the drawing board.