Friday, 19 February 2016

Parkland Walk

A Parkland Walk was enjoyed in the sunshine this week for a change.

Bluebell Wood still looks somewhat bare, although on close examination there are green shoots emerging.

A casualty of the recent high winds. 
A great shame it had to be an Oak though.

What do you expect to find in Bluebell Wood ?
Well I didn't quite expect to find Bluebells just yet, but I found three growing close to each other amongst the masses of green bluebell plant leaves. 

The Willow looks nearly ready to harvest again.

There are still plenty of Snowdrops around.......

.....even a few Primroses.

Miniture Daffs that had been planted in the parkland grass are showing now.

The Blackthorn looks lovely now in sunlight with blue sky as a background.


Bramling observed recently, but I had not posted the image before.

Male Reed Bunting in the sunlight.

Golfinch having eaten the seeds from the Teasel decide to perch on it.

Nene Valley Heritage Railway
(One for you David)
Looks like an old military train as it has WD and a broad arrow on the side.
Well it looks like a train anyway.{:))

The elusive Goldcrest image, still not how I would like to get one though.

Greylag returning from a "Sortie' on local farmland.

A Cormorant overhead.

The Drake Mallards are really beginning to look at their best now.

NB: For some as yet unknown reason, recently my images after I have posted them don't look very clear. They are fine before hand, but something is not working right. Back to the drawing board.


  1. It's already feeling like Spring at times, isn't it? I expect the railway has been busy at half-term.

    1. Yes apart from the very fresh winds it has been very spring like at times John.

  2. Stunning images Roy, the recent sunshine has certainly been very welcome hasn't it. However I am simply astonished to see bluebells already in flower, indeed I don't think I have ever seen them any earlier than April, whilst the blackthorn blossom looks lovely against that lovely blue sky.

    Superb bird pics too, especially the Goldfinch, and well done getting pics of both a lovely Brambling and the tiny little Goldcrest :-)

    Good to see trains running on the NVR (the Moors Railway isn't running this half-term) and I think the loco is No.75008 'Swiftsure', a Hunslet Austerity 0-6-0ST, a loco class which were mass produced during the war.

    Hope you are well and my kindest regards to all :-)

    PS. The photos look OK to me though sometimes pictures are compressed by Google/Blogger when you upload them. It might be worth checking to see in your Google+ settings that the auto photo enhancer is switched off as well.

    1. Thanks David. I will check that out.

  3. Those flowers are brave to show their heads so soon but lovely to see. Love the Goldcrest shot, very hard to shot them

  4. Some lovely shots their, I noticed on the River DEvon how spruce the mallards are now, really in top breeding nick! Their heads are beautiful, but you have to get them in the right light.

  5. Hello Roy
    the weather is nice, there are many flowers and your picture of bird are splendid.

  6. What a hopeful, cheering set of photos:) Longing for Spring up here. I was down in Norwich a fortnight ago and was amazed at the Blackthorn I saw in bloom, it looked fantastic. Is it wind pollinated? Because I saw no signs of insects around.

  7. Hey Roy.. Well I am very envious of those lovely bloom you are seeing, but enjoyed seeing the photos.
    What do you mean by saying the willows are ready to harvest?


    1. Thanks GG. They get used for basket making and hurdles and other things.

  8. Amazing captures as usual, Roy!
    Beauty in every single image...
    A very beautiful and peaceful place...
    All the best! Enjoy your Sunday!

  9. Wonderfully Spring. We have snow on the ground by 40 cm.

    1. We have managed to avoid that white stuff this Winter Anne.

  10. Wonderful post with amazing photos, so nice to see...
    Amanda xx

  11. Friday the 19th was also very nice weather in the Netherlands.
    Also, I had a day off and went for a walk in nature and have made pictures. Also, you were walking in the park and found all three bells beautiful :-)
    Greetings, Helma

  12. I think they are super shots! Love the one of the goldfinch with the sparkly bokeh behind. I really enjoyed the virtual walk with you. :-)

  13. What a beautiful walk! I love all the spring flowers and the critters. It's starting to feel like spring here as well, but we still have snow on the ground.

    1. Thanks Gunilla.
      We have avoided the snow in this area this Winter and today was a really nice Spring like day.


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