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Friday 30 December 2022

Rain, Rain and even more Rain

The heading of this post says it all really about the last few weeks.
We continually get wall to wall rain on most days with the odd day when it is only storms.
None of this weather has been conducive to nature photography.
The following images were taken on one morning when the weather eased off and there was no rain for most of the day. (Until late afternoon that is).

The scene below taken with an iPhone shows a field that is common land, but walking in it presented a considerable problem as you can see.

The only birds observed where Blue Tits and Long-tailed Tits. 

To shoot some images of them involved looking up high up into tall trees using an 800mm equivalent lens and straining the neck in the process. 

The wind was gusting against this Blue Tit as it clung on to the seeds of a Alder tree.

The river below, normally no more than a stream, was at least a foot higher due to the increase in rain water draining off the fields.

This Blue Tit was scratching and pecking away at Lichen looking for insects.

Another river swollen at least by one third.

I could barely see Long-tailed Tits and had to crop the images.

Even the local Robins, apart from this one, were hiding away.

This little fella below ventured out for a while from his Winter Dray to take in the sun.

For many personal reasons 2022 has been a year I would rather forget.
Hopefully it will change in 2023. 

Happy New Year to everyone that kindly reads my Blog and looks at my Flickr site.


Wednesday 21 December 2022

Monday 19 December 2022

Frozen Lodmoor

A brief visit to the Lodmoor Reserve at Weymouth two days ago revealed little in the way of interest. 

Most of the water was frozen over and any bird life was very inactive.

Who could blame them as searching for food was difficult and used up precious body reserves.

A visitor was feeding ducks with bread and even a Little Egret appeared interested.

 I observed this bird below from a distance. After close review of the image on the camera I thought I had found another Lapland Bunting. 
I have taken photos of this species in the past.

Unfortunately it turned out to be a female Reed Bunting,😭

A male Reed Bunting.

Blue Tit

There is always plenty of Robins around the Reserve.
Just as well as there was very little else.

A Black-headed Gull and a Woodpigeon in dispute about food someone had left on a seat.

There were numerous Shoveler Ducks around the Reserve, some trying out their ice skating abilities.

A Lapwing on one of the few patches of water that was not frozen.

To round off the visit I walked over the road from the Reserve and took this shot of the shoreline.

Sunday 11 December 2022

A Blackcap in December - Frosty Walk

A frosty walk produced sightings of a variety of birds.
A significant fined (for me anyway) was a male Blackcap, a bird I rarely see in Winter.

Just to prove I do get up early occasionally, a photo of the frosty grass.

A distant Song Thrush.

A male Blackbird searching for food amongst the frosty grass.

A male Kingfisher being its usual unhelpful self by hiding partially behind twigs and stalks.

An equally unhelpful female Stonechat looking the other way and then flying off.

One can usually rely on a Robin to pose.

Along side a small wood I could hear this tap tapping. 
I assumed that it was a Woodpecker, but couldn't find it initially.
The male Great-spotted Woodpecker eventually showed itself, but it was never going to show me a good open image. It then flew off.

A female Blackbird enjoying the little warmth available from the sun.

Another Robin.

This flock of Canada geese are usually resident at this local farm or a mile away on open Marsh land.

A male Blackbird rooting through fallen leaves.

When the Blackbird moves on this Robin tries to find something under the same leaves.

A local Grey Heron.