Monday, 19 December 2022

Frozen Lodmoor

A brief visit to the Lodmoor Reserve at Weymouth two days ago revealed little in the way of interest. 

Most of the water was frozen over and any bird life was very inactive.

Who could blame them as searching for food was difficult and used up precious body reserves.

A visitor was feeding ducks with bread and even a Little Egret appeared interested.

 I observed this bird below from a distance. After close review of the image on the camera I thought I had found another Lapland Bunting. 
I have taken photos of this species in the past.

Unfortunately it turned out to be a female Reed Bunting,😭

A male Reed Bunting.

Blue Tit

There is always plenty of Robins around the Reserve.
Just as well as there was very little else.

A Black-headed Gull and a Woodpigeon in dispute about food someone had left on a seat.

There were numerous Shoveler Ducks around the Reserve, some trying out their ice skating abilities.

A Lapwing on one of the few patches of water that was not frozen.

To round off the visit I walked over the road from the Reserve and took this shot of the shoreline.


  1. Hei Roy! Mahtavat havainnot. Hyvää joulua!

  2. Lovely photographs, Roy. A bit warmer for them today, I trust.

    1. Thanks John. Yes the temperature has shot up.

  3. Bravo Roy.
    C'est une merveilleuse série de photos !
    Les gens n'ont pas encore compris que le pain était dangereux !
    Bises l'ami

  4. Well I would say there were quite a few species there, not totally disappointing. I haven't seen a male Reed Bunting in winter plumage and he is much lighter on the head than in breeding plumage!


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