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Saturday 28 September 2019

Single Image Post - The Wheatear

The end of September walking around Portland Bill one can still find a few Wheatear.  Its migration South to Sub Saharan Africa commences in October. It will return again to UK in the Spring. This one I photographed was one of seven observed feeding on open grassland.

Sunday 22 September 2019

A Collection of Images from the Week

I put together this varied collection of images from the last week.

Female Kestrel

There are still plenty of butterflies on the wing.

Painted Lady

Red Admiral

Large White (Fem)

Speckled Wood

I followed and watched this 'Scruffy' bunch Goldfinch searching for seeds.

A distant Male Stonechat proved difficult to get close to and remained on unapproachable bushes.

An evening iPhone image overlooking Portland Bill with the Portland Bird Observatory Lighthouse in the foreground and the Operational Lighthouse beyond.

iPhone Image
Below : Sunset
The Sun, the Ship and the Cormorant
Also posted on my Flickr site.

Friday 20 September 2019

Radipole Lake Walk (18Th)

My first chance to walk around Radipole Lake Weymouth.
The reserve is mostly Reed beds and small waterways with various vantage points scattered around.

iPhone Image

This lone Black-tailed Godwit was hanging out in the sun with a few Black-headed Gulls and female Teal Duck and appeared to be resting for the day.

This Little Egret below was observed for quite a while and moved from one area to another on the reserve and eventually returning to a favourite sheltered spot at the edge of a small island.

iPhone Image

Swallows were observed low flying over water on one part of the reserve.
At this time they will be feeding up as much possible for the long flight South which they will soon be undertaking.

Fortunately this reserve is known for the existence of Bearded Tits, a target bird of mine. A local Birding colleague has advised me about one of the best places to observe them. 
(Thanks V)

iPhone Image

Sunday 15 September 2019

Lapland Bunting

I couldn't wish for a better introduction to the wide variety of birdlife in Dorset, especially the unusual visitors to Portland Bill. The Lapland Bunting in particular is an infrequent Autumn visitor and there have been sightings of one during the last few days. So I went along today not believing I would be fortunate to see this bird. However it was in one of the areas that it had been sighted previously. 

It wasn't shy of having its photograph taken either. I was using a 600mm equivalent lens with a 1.4 extender and I had to remove the extender and on some occasions I had to move back away from the bird as it was ground feeding and unperturbed of my presence.

The clue is in the name as to its breeding grounds. 
The high altitude Tundra of Lapland, the Northern Scandinavian areas of Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Just a couple of local scenes in the immediate area of the Bill.

iPhone Image
iPhone Image