Friday, 20 September 2019

Radipole Lake Walk (18Th)

My first chance to walk around Radipole Lake Weymouth.
The reserve is mostly Reed beds and small waterways with various vantage points scattered around.

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This lone Black-tailed Godwit was hanging out in the sun with a few Black-headed Gulls and female Teal Duck and appeared to be resting for the day.

This Little Egret below was observed for quite a while and moved from one area to another on the reserve and eventually returning to a favourite sheltered spot at the edge of a small island.

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Swallows were observed low flying over water on one part of the reserve.
At this time they will be feeding up as much possible for the long flight South which they will soon be undertaking.

Fortunately this reserve is known for the existence of Bearded Tits, a target bird of mine. A local Birding colleague has advised me about one of the best places to observe them. 
(Thanks V)

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  1. Hi Roy!!!.. Fantastic place to birdwatching.. Happy weekend

  2. Uskomattoman upea paikka! Siellä näkee varmaan vaikka mitä mielenkiintoista!

  3. oh this place looks amazing Roy. What a wonderful selection of birds there. I like the Egret it is so pretty. I sometimes carry my bird camera now and use the cellphone for landscapes as it is so easy to do that. cheer, Nora

  4. Great Post Roy,
    With amazing images of the Little Egret! Beautiful landscape!
    Last but not least the Black-tailed Godwit. Gorgeous!
    Regards, Maria

  5. You have managed to photograph the little egret perfectly.
    It is also a beautiful little heron.


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