Sunday, 22 September 2019

A Collection of Images from the Week

I put together this varied collection of images from the last week.

Female Kestrel

There are still plenty of butterflies on the wing.

Painted Lady

Red Admiral

Large White (Fem)

Speckled Wood

I followed and watched this 'Scruffy' bunch Goldfinch searching for seeds.

A distant Male Stonechat proved difficult to get close to and remained on unapproachable bushes.

An evening iPhone image overlooking Portland Bill with the Portland Bird Observatory Lighthouse in the foreground and the Operational Lighthouse beyond.

iPhone Image
Below : Sunset
The Sun, the Ship and the Cormorant
Also posted on my Flickr site.


  1. Great series of images, Roy, the Kestrel especially. Kestrels always seem wary and skittish and are prone to leave the moment you even think about raising the camera!

  2. A stunning sunset image. I was watching some Goldfinches earlier in the week - some were so scruffy that they were barely recognisable.

  3. Hi Roy.. Nice series of pictures.. Happy week

  4. Uskomattoman kauniita kuvia. Tikli on kaunis lintu.

  5. Hi Roy, Very nice images. Beautiful Kestrel . Nice that you still saw so many butterflies, especially the Painted Lady match so nice with the color of the flowers. Great series of the Goldfinches! So nice light.
    Also superb landscape and sunset, wow!
    Regards, Maria

  6. Great to see.
    The kestrel is very beautiful but the other birds such as the juvenile goldfinch are just beautiful. The butterflies are a nice change :-) My compliments.


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