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Thursday 17 December 2020

A Collection of Recent Birds

A collection of images shot over the last couple of weeks.

Turnstone amongst the Sea Blite at Ferry Bridge Weymouth.

Snipe at Lodmoor Weymouth.

Blue Tit.

Blackbird feasting on Haw berries at Radipole Lake Weymouth.

Lapwings resting on a dull cold day at Lodmoor.

Black-headed Gull silhouette. 

Woodpigeon at Radipole.

Black-tailed Godwit on a short flight across the water at Lodmoor.

Starlings stirring at Lodmoor.

Resting Lapwings - Lodmoor.

Robin at Radipole.

 Male and female Bearded Tit hiding amongst reeds at Radipole

Dunlin take flight at Ferry Bridge. 

Lapwing at Lodmoor.

The blackbird is still hungry.

Little Egret fishing at Lodmoor.

A pair of Little Egrets fishing at Lodmoor.

Robin again at Radipole.

Cormorant preening at Lodmoor.

Wren near River Frome in Dorchester

A flight of Snipe at Lodmoor. I count 27 in number.

Brent Goose at Ferry Bridge.

Canada geese landing at Lodmoor.

Finally a Robin at Lodmoor.

Friday 11 December 2020

Yellow-browed Warbler

Apologies for the poor images, but as it was a Yellow-browed Warbler I just had to post them. It is not a bird that you see everyday. 

A migratory species from the Palearctic. It winters in the tropical South Asia and South East Asia. Its breeding range is the Ural Moutains, Siberia, Mongolia and North East China.

We are fortunate to get a few turning up from September to November after a 3000 to 3500 Km journey from the Urals. Very small numbers attempt overwintering in UK.


Friday 27 November 2020

Red-necked Grebe

 A visit to Lodmoor Reserve, Weymouth produced this Red-necked Grebe.
A scarce Winter visitor to UK, this is only the second one that I have seen. 
It mainly visits the coastal areas of UK. In Summer it breeds in the Baltic regions.