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Thursday 17 December 2020

A Collection of Recent Birds

A collection of images shot over the last couple of weeks.

Turnstone amongst the Sea Blite at Ferry Bridge Weymouth.

Snipe at Lodmoor Weymouth.

Blue Tit.

Blackbird feasting on Haw berries at Radipole Lake Weymouth.

Lapwings resting on a dull cold day at Lodmoor.

Black-headed Gull silhouette. 

Woodpigeon at Radipole.

Black-tailed Godwit on a short flight across the water at Lodmoor.

Starlings stirring at Lodmoor.

Resting Lapwings - Lodmoor.

Robin at Radipole.

 Male and female Bearded Tit hiding amongst reeds at Radipole

Dunlin take flight at Ferry Bridge. 

Lapwing at Lodmoor.

The blackbird is still hungry.

Little Egret fishing at Lodmoor.

A pair of Little Egrets fishing at Lodmoor.

Robin again at Radipole.

Cormorant preening at Lodmoor.

Wren near River Frome in Dorchester

A flight of Snipe at Lodmoor. I count 27 in number.

Brent Goose at Ferry Bridge.

Canada geese landing at Lodmoor.

Finally a Robin at Lodmoor.


  1. Hi Roy!!!. Beautiful and varied pictures... Well done... Stay safe...

  2. Vau, siellä on uskomattoman hienoja lintuja! täältä on muuttolinnut lähteneet pois.

    1. Kiitos Anne.
      Suurin osa näistä on täällä koko talven.

  3. Perfect and wonderful photos as always. You have a real eye and talent for nature photography. I really liked the woodpigeon for some reason, but they are all great.

  4. Prachtige serie van de vogels, Roy!
    Mijn favoriet is denk ik de merel tussen de bessen, maar de winterkoning is ook super (wren)
    Genoten van alle mooie foto's

    1. Heel erg bedankt Maria. Fijne kerst en een gelukkig nieuwjaar.

  5. Really beautiful photos and especially the little egret appeals to me. Your flying images are also very beautifully made. Really beautiful and clear photos.
    Regards, Helma


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