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Sunday 31 March 2024

Is It Spring ?

During the last few days the temperature has started to rise a little. 
Although there has been a lot of rain and the rivers are still high.
It does feel like Spring may have just about arrived. 
That said, my recent walk was a mixture of cold wind and threatening storms.

Below (The Red Admiral) is the first butterfly that I have been able to photograph this year.
I have in recent days observed several male Brimstone butterflies on the wing.

The Red Admiral is generally a migrant species that arrives from Europe in the Spring. 
There is evidence that some are now overwintering in UK, in the South Coast area.
This one could be either.

I photographed it pitched very high up on a Blackthorn tree where it was basking in the warm sun.

The Nuthatch nest that I featured last Spring has been visited frequenly by a pair of Nuthatch that could well be the same pair. Again some repairs to the hole in the tree will be necessary.

A rare sight was this Song Thrush searching for food along the waters edge.

A very uncooperative male Blackcap was singing away high up in a tree.
In fact this was the only sighting I got and the rest of the tme it remained in thick blackthorn branches.

Greater Stitchwort

This Chiffchaff was sun bathing and drying out after a shower and preening.

More Chiffchaff images.

The ever present Wren.

This Grey Squirrel was searching for food on the ground in a small woodland copse.

The pair of Long-tailed Tits that I have mentioned recently are still constructing their intricate nest.

A sight witnessed at this time is the Dunnock which sings away on a prominent perch.

Saturday 16 March 2024

Long-tailed Tits Return

In mid March last year I found and observed a pair of Long-tailed Tits building a nest on one of my local walks. 
So I have been checking the same location this March. 
Happily, what appears to be the same pair have returned and are building at the same location.


Thursday 14 March 2024

Just a Few Birds

The weather continues to disappoint, but between the rain storms over the last week or so, I shot these few images.

A Cormorant taking a bath.

This Dunnock appeared while I was trying to photograph something else without success.

In a small pond the Resident pair of Mallard put in an appearance.
This shot was the best of a bad bunch.

Great Tits are certainly making their presence felt now due to the continuous singing while attempting to attract a female.

Long-tailed Tits are nest building now. 
I have a plan to get some images of them and I know where to look for one of my local walks.

Even with my limited ID skills I know thats not a Bird.

This Robin below was quite happy to receive a handful of seeds.

Goldfinch are certainly making a lot of noise now in the process of finding a Mate. 
They also tend to perch high up or deep in a bush.