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Sunday 28 February 2021

Single Image Post - River Bed Art

A fast flowing river with plants and river weed in the bottom, can make some interesting images.

Saturday 27 February 2021

Lockdown Walk

Another day, another lockdown walk.
Lesser Celandines are in full bloom now everywhere you go.

Just fortunate to catch sight of this Wren that had been bathing and was preening and drying out its feathers whilst sitting in the sunshine.

Lesser Celandine

I extended my walk in one direction to take in a small stretch of my six mile circular Summer Walk. On a recently cut hedgerow alongside the track I observed two male and two female Stonechat. It is possible that this was two pair which could be confirmed if they remained in the area. I went back to this location the next day and since and they could not be found. So I'm assuming they were all just staging through.
You can see from the male's muddy beak that they had been searching for food in the adjacent arable field.


The Chiffchaff recently observed by a part of the local river was still in attendance. So I guess we will be hearing more of him when he starts his springtime call.

This female Goldfinch disappeared into a large hedgerow probably searching for a suitable nest site.

Female Goldfinch

Blue Tit

Lesser Celandine

Seven Spot Ladybird


At first this female Kestrel didn't see me approaching it. It was the other side of a small copse on top of a bare tree.

Yesterday, Friday 26 February, I observed two Male Brimstone butterflies on the wing. No photograph unfortunately.

Friday 19 February 2021

Lockdown Walk

Images taken on my recent Lockdown Walk

A flight of seven Canada Geese flew across the sky in front of me.

Often observed from a distance this Little Egret was found searching for food along a small tributary of the main local river.

As always Robins like to put in an appearance.

This pair of Mutes were exploring one of the swollen ditches caused by the recent heavy and persistent rainfall.

The Wren observed recently remains by the riverside finding plenty of insects.

Croci are now shooting in the usual places around the town.

Blackbirds are testing subjects for photography.

This Wren popped out of the hedge for a photo shoot.

This one was less obliging.

A delightful pose by this Ewe.

The Ewe laid down is saying "What are they saying about me behind my back".

Male Mallard getting airborne.

Snowdrops are abundant now.

iPhone image