Friday, 19 February 2021

Lockdown Walk

Images taken on my recent Lockdown Walk

A flight of seven Canada Geese flew across the sky in front of me.

Often observed from a distance this Little Egret was found searching for food along a small tributary of the main local river.

As always Robins like to put in an appearance.

This pair of Mutes were exploring one of the swollen ditches caused by the recent heavy and persistent rainfall.

The Wren observed recently remains by the riverside finding plenty of insects.

Croci are now shooting in the usual places around the town.

Blackbirds are testing subjects for photography.

This Wren popped out of the hedge for a photo shoot.

This one was less obliging.

A delightful pose by this Ewe.

The Ewe laid down is saying "What are they saying about me behind my back".

Male Mallard getting airborne.

Snowdrops are abundant now.

iPhone image


  1. Hi Roy
    Considering the appalling weather lately it’s lovely to see blue sky, colourful flowers and lots of wildlife!
    I love the egret, I’m clearly looking in the wrong places!

    1. Thanks Lyndsey,
      Doesn't always work out. Today I didn't see anything.

  2. I didn’t see anything on Sunday. Just lots of people!

    1. Always too many people at the weekend Lyndsey.:))

  3. Hi Roy,
    Genoeg te zien tijdens je wandeling! Prachtige beelden!

  4. Good morning Roy !!! Very nice and varied images .. Take care

  5. Beautiful spring walk Roy. The little egret is my favorit. I hope everything will be soon normal. Greetings Caroline

  6. This lockdown walk also shows very beautiful images.
    The birds are always very beautiful anyway, but the spring flowers with the drops are really great to see :-)


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