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Sunday 31 December 2023

Reed Bunting

The Reed Bunting is often observed around the pathways of Radipole Lake, Weymouth.
I found these two males on a path and they were picking up small gravel which they use in their stomach to grind the seeds they eat. Radipole has many acres of Reeds and at this time the seeds are readily available.

The Reed Bunting is currently classified as 'Amber' on the UK Red List of concern.

Wednesday 27 December 2023

A Few Leftovers

I had a few images left over from recent walks. 

Nature watching and recording over the last few weeks has been restricted considerably due to the awful weather that we have suffered in this area. Birds and animals hide away where possible and will forage for food, but tend to hide away most of the time.

Stonechat (Female)

A pleasant encounter with a male and female Stonechat is always worth a few shots.

Stonechat (Male)

Squirrels have ingenious ways of finding and storing food at anytime.


Great Spotted Woodpecker

A Little Egret getting airborne.

Common Snipe are well known for hiding away at anytime, not just because of the weather.

Grey Heron

Teal Duck tend to shelter away out of the wind with the kind of weather we are experiencing currently.

Some artistic licence used for these images below.

Sunday 17 December 2023

Goldcrest Encounter

A brief encounter with a Goldcrest on a dull grey Sunday afternoon.
When is the weather going to improve.?

Saturday 16 December 2023

Winter Beardies - Radipole Lake

For some weeks now a visit to Radipole Lake Reserve Weymouth has not been possible due to the inclement weather we have suffered. The water level of the lake has been very high due to the heavy and constant rainfall. Many of the paths have been underwater.

This week I went for a visit and it is quite passable everywhere around the lake areas.
At this time and on into the rest of the Winter Bearded Tits can be observed more easily providing your are fortunate that is. At one of the locations that I have observed them before, I was able to take a few shots of one of six. They arrived at my position, pitched on reeds for about 6 seconds and then flew on. So I got this male below monetarily. 

Other Birders had seen them there earlier so I was quite fortunate that they had returned. There is a large acreage of Reed bed and they could be anywhere.

Blackbirds were making a meal of the last of the Haw berries.

Another rare occasion nowadays, I was able to get some shots of this Song Thrush as it perched in the middle of a bush.

Also showing quite well are male Great Tits.

The Robins are now somewhat more brave (especially as their plumage has recovered) popping out to the edge of bushes to see if you have any titbits for them.

Cormorants as always, sit on posts after a spot of fishing, drying out and preening their feathers.