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Sunday 3 December 2023

Bitter Sweet

'Bitter', as in the extremely cold temperature experienced at Lodmoor Reserve recently, which is barely a 150 metres from the edge of the sea of Weymouth Bay.
'Sweet', as in the fact that many small birds are approaching me rather than me approaching them, as they are looking for any food they can find.
This female Stonechat came quite close (especially for a Stonechat) looking for food over low bramble bushes. They are fairly approachable, but there is normally a limit.

Robins are more approachable normally and will come right up to you at this time of year.

Blue Tit

This first year Greenfinch came quite close to see what was going on.

Thankfully the large flock of Golden Plover were still in attendance on the Reserve.

Many of the resident Lapwings tended to stand with their backs to me.
Maybe to do with their opinion of my photography perhaps, or they were facing into the wind for urgent take off purposes in case of danger.

Blackbirds were prominent around the pathways.

These Dunlin below were always on the move searching for food in the extreme cold temperatures.

This Little Egret was searching a small stream where he was mostly likely to find food.


  1. Hi Roy... Beautiful series of pictures....Regarding your question... In Spain there are Alondras and Cogujadas... In English you call them Larks... Here there is a differentiation between both species... There are two types of Cogujadas: Common and Montesina... And three types of Alondras A. Ricoti, A. Totovía and A. common.. Regards

    1. Thanks Ana and for the info about the Larks.

  2. Siellä on paljon mielenkiintoisa lintuja.

  3. Fabulous images of this beautiful species, Roy... Take care


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