Monday, 9 July 2018

Mostly Flowers

Note: This is a certified Butterfly free Post. :)

A collection of images taken during my recent woodland walks.

Dog Rose

Corn Daisy

Red Clover/ Buttercups

Long-tailed Tit

Speed Well 

Birdsfoot trefoil 

Male Reed Bunting


A form of Hoverfly I think. Possibly the Pellucid Fly ( Volucella pellucens )
It tends to hover in one spot for several seconds before changing position.

1/4000 at f4.  300mm.  ISO1600.  - 0.3ev

Meadow Vetchling

Ruddy Darter


Horse Daisy


Hazel Nut

Marsh Orcid

Female Darter (Common?)


Purple loosestrife

I was able to take a couple of shots of this House Martin at a Farm Building where I had parked the car. 
Unfortunately I didn't have the time to hang around any longer for the parent to return.

Hopefully you can just see two little heads of young House Martins below.

Musk Malllow

Tree Mallow


Musk Mallow

Musk Mallow


Musk Mallow