Thursday, 25 August 2016

Whinchat et al

Its the time of year now that we look out for our Summer visitor species that drop in for a refuel on their way South to warmer climes. One of the places I look is the Parkland that I regularly walk where there are several good spots to search the bushes and small trees for migrants.  One has to get lucky though as a visit to an area one day will produce nothing and the following day there will be several species.

Over a period of two days I checked around the favourite locations and also went in search of species identified by other local Birders. Below are the results of my efforts.

Firstly a bird I haven't seen for a long time, the Whinchat.
Not great photographs unfortunately as I was looking into the Sun's direction and through various tall grasses etc.

Another species that we usually get a visit from at this time, the Spotted Flycatcher.
This one is courtesy of my 'Spotter' on that occasion Paul G. (Thanks Paul)

Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs are always going to turn up in some numbers, but again they were there one day and not the next.

Below is a Garden Warbler. (I think)

I think the one below is a Reed Warbler, but I could be wrong as you know.

Below is a Greenfinch and of course one of our resident species.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A Woodland Walk

Images from my recent Woodland Walk.
Just a snapshot of what can be observed at the moment.

Green Acorns

The Red Tail. I have observed quite a few of these this year. Last year I don't remember seeing one.

A Speckled Wood basking in the sunlight that is shining through the trees.

Common Fleabane and Wild Mint

Another Brown Argus.

Wild apple trees grow in several locations around the woodland 

The place below normally provides for plenty of butterfly activity, although not quite so much this year.

The female Silver-washed Fritillary below is not looking at her best anymore.....

.....neither is the male.

The old hay rake still resides on the heathland 

There are still plenty of Meadow Brown Butterflies around......

....and Small Skippers.

I was very pleased to find a number of Painted Lady butterflies in several different areas of the more open areas of the woodland. A good increase on last years odd one.

Sloe fruit are plenty as always.

A good number of Small Tortoiseshell can be found in the area. I still search for that elusive Scarce Tortoiseshell which is similar with the noticeable absence of the brown around the central body area.

Hazel Nuts. Plenty around, but everywhere I observe the trees there is evidence of Squirrel activity with many empty shells on the ground.

Common Darter

Common Darter pair ovipositing 

Large White 

Male Brimstone

There are plenty of Haw berries already.

Common Darter in silhouette 

Large Skipper (female and male below)

This heathland area provides a good source of butterflies.