Friday, 10 September 2021

The Art of Fly Catching

The Stonechat is a master of the art of fly catching.

With her beady eye fixed, this female is homing in on a fly.
(See below)

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Eurasian/ Northern Wryneck

When you try and describe a Wryneck, it doesn't really sound that exciting or colourful. 
However, when you actually photograph one and look at the images you have taken, it is a whole different story. 
The beautiful and varied feather pattern is something to behold. 
I was fortunate for the first time to photograph one this week.


The shot below is a screen grab from a video I filmed.

Saturday, 4 September 2021

Clash of the Great Whites

During my recent brief visit to Lodmoor Reserve Weymouth I witnessed something rather dramatic.

I normally only get to see one Great White Egret at that location and not that often. On this occasion there were three. It seemed to me that it was a pair and the third was a male interloper that was encroaching on their territory. I couldn't be sure of this of course and is pure supposition on my part.

However a battle ensued and the interloper was eventually driven off.

The incident occurred at quite a distance from my position. I was using a 600 mm (equivalent) lens and a 2 X converter. Because of the white plumage I also had to under expose quite a lot to get any detail.

The female Mallard and Black-headed Gull in the foreground (See above) appeared to sleep through the whole event.

The shot below shows the male finally driving off the interloper.

Honour and status was restored and the female withdrew into the reeds.