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Wednesday 31 May 2023

Adonis Blue Butterfly

 It is at this time of year generally that I pay several visits to Maiden Castle Iron Age Hill Fort, which is within walking distance from where I live in Dorchester.

The target species of butterfly for this visit was the Adonis Blue.

I like it when a plan comes together, as I found it.

Adonis Blue (Male)

Dingy Skipper (Mating Pair)

Small Heath

A Very Well Worn Small Copper

Common Blue (Male)

I found three colours of Common Milkwort on the hillside.

To see more about Maiden Castle Hill Fort please refer to the below Wikipedia entry.


Monday 29 May 2023

One More Visit - Cerne Abbas

Marsh Fritillary

I thought I would do just one more visit to Cerne Abbas in pursuit of the Duke of Burgundy this year. I also wanted to check on the Grey Wagtail Pair by the river.

The young Grey Wagtails have flown the nest and were nowhere to be seen.
The male was taking a bath earlier in the day and the female was later observed catching flies to eat.
Hopefully they will return next year.