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Monday 19 October 2015

Blogging Temporarily Suspended

I am away on extended Grandparent duties and "Expectant" Grandparent duties for a few weeks, so no posting here for a while.
"I shall return"
je retournerai, Ik zal terugkeren, Ich komme wieder, Powrócę, Já navrátí se

Sunday 18 October 2015

A Study of the Robin

A collection of Robin images I have saved up for a post.
They are starting to show out again now after the breeding season.

Thursday 15 October 2015

Geese Flight

If you like watching geese in flight its a great time of year approaching now when all the breeding has been completed and Greylag and Canada Geese start to flock together.

We also get the Winter visitor Geese on the shoreline and nearby farmland.

These below are just a few that suddenly appeared above me when I was shooting migrating Warblers in the Parkland.

There are also lakes and rivers locally and when I was checking out a local river during the early evening a flock of Greylag arrived and flew around a few times before disappearing in the distance.
You can just make them out in this shot below (centre right).

They first approached over a small lake, but decided against landing there.

Two of the passing flock with the disappearing low sun showing them up.

Turning back, but unfortunately not coming towards me.

Below are more shots taken during the daytime in the Parkland, but with some artistic post processing applied.