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Wednesday 17 April 2024

Orange Tip

 The Orange Tip butterfly is not normally one of the first species I am able to observe and shoot during the season. However our weather in this area in late Winter into Spring appears to have confused the natural flow of things this year.

Monday 15 April 2024

Blackcap in the Bushes

Female Blackcap

     It is that time again now when we get to hear the lovely song of the Blackcap.
That said, it can be quite frustrating to hear the male singing away in the middle of a Blackthorn tree which is adorned with flowers, but unable to locate it.

Although predominantly a Summer migrant to UK many Blackcaps overwinter in the Southern part of the Country.  One study showed that a one Blackcap spent the Winter in Southern England and Summer in France.

Male Blackcap

I was fortunate to observe and photograph this male and female in the same tree on the edge of the Lodmoor Reserve, Weymouth.

Saturday 13 April 2024

The Cetti's Warbler

If you are really fortunate on a good day, the first and only sighting you get of a Cetti's as it disappears into the bushes is like the first image below. This is certainly my experience normally. This is usually after you have been alerted to its presence by the rather loud and sharpe call it makes.

What most of us would really like to see is the kind of images like those below, which I shot at Lodmoor Reserve this week.

Saturday 6 April 2024

Local Walk - Chiffchaff Portraits

Another local walk produced some portrait images of a Chiffchaff who just wanted to be photographed.

A Flag Iris

Portrait images of a Chiffchaff

Germander Speedwell are showing now.

Lesser Celandines

Wren amongst the branches.

Great Tit

Mr Mallard searching about a small pond that he and his mate have taken up residence.

A Woodie resting in the branches.

"Can I get GB News on this."