Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Marbled Marvels

Its always a highlight in my Butterfly calendar to look for the arrival of the Marbled White Butterfly.

The calendar on my Mac issued a warning message over the weekend, "Marbled White emerges". 
Their flight time is mid June to mid August, so without further ado I went to the location where they have recognised colonies.
Sure enough I found several males on the wing, but it is early days as yet. 
It was during the morning and this normally is a busy flight time for this species, but due to various cloudy periods I was able to find some of them pitched.


  1. lovely pics of a gorgeous flutter

  2. Roy and Mac..what a team!
    A super set of images, well done for getting in there 'early doors' and capturing these beauties at their best...[;o)

  3. Excellent images of these handsome butterflies!

  4. Well Roy you found them and photographed them beautifully

  5. Beautiful shots. Butterflies have been few and far between here so far this year!

  6. Super photos Roy, Marbled Whites are definitely one of my favourite species :-)

  7. Onpa kaunis perhonen. En ole ikinä nähnyt. Mikähän perhosen nimi on latinaksi?

    1. Kiitoksia Anne
      latinankielinen nimi
      Melanargia galathea

  8. What a gorgeous Butterfly Roy and the images that you captured are stunning~

  9. Well done Roy, that's a super series.

    Still waiting for some continuous sunshine here so that a few expected species might emerge.

  10. Hey Roy... These are real beauties of the Marbled White. I could have all kinds of bells, whistles, and warnings, but it must be nice to have time to just bop out there and check it out.
    LOL. ;)



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