Tuesday, 2 March 2021

LTT the Homemaker

On my normal Lockdown Walk I have observed a pair of Long-tailed Tits building a nest. They have to my knowledge been spending the last five days building and the nest is not complete yet.
If you have never seen a LTT's nest it is a complete work of art.
It is bottle shaped with a dome roof with a small entrance hole.
It consists of moss and feathers interwoven into upright branches of a bush. 
The whole structure is camouflaged with a cover of lichen. 
It can take three weeks to complete.

The image below shows moss in the birds beak.

Below the bird has just plucked moss from a lateral branch.

Below you can just see the lichen in the birds beak.


  1. Long-tailed Tit is a delightful little bird. Brings happy memories of my last visit to Britain.

  2. Beautiful photos Roy. It's early to build a nest. I like your header. Greetings Caroline

    1. Thanks Caroline, we have had some mild weather so I guess that has caused a few to start building.

  3. What amazing photos! Long tailed tits are wonderful little birds! I've watched them gathering nest materials many times and have seen their nests on occasion too.

  4. Hi Roy
    Some truly amazing images of some amazing little birds! They are so industrious and hardworking. I hope their new home pays off and doesn’t get disturbed.

    1. Thanks Lyndsey. It was still there yesterday.

  5. Hi Roy,
    Such a beautiful and cute little bird. Amazing photos!
    nr 6 is my favorit, but i love them all and the header is stunning!

  6. LTT is one of my favourite birds Roy. It was lovely for you to see them in action.


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