Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Late Arriving

Spring was late arriving this year. 
We had a lot of cold wet weather which appeared never ending. The season is certainly two or three weeks behind from what I have observed during my second outing since returning to blogging.

The Pasque flower for instance which should be well advanced by now are barely visible. 
I went to an area where they grow and I could only find a very small number.

Another flower, the Early Purple Orchid that should have been in flower, I could only find this single plant with leaves only.

One flower that may get a better chance to arrive on time is the Bluebell as this week the temperatures are getting warmer.
I found some in woodland amongst late flowering Wood Anemone and they will soon replace them by displaying a beautiful blue carpet. (Watch this space)

Cowslips are just about on time and I shot a few images as shown below.

Wood Violets are showing well now everywhere.


  1. Great series of spring blooms. I am afraid spring has been delayed here quite a bit - we had a fierce ice storm over the weekend and I fear that many of the spring ephemerals that were emerging will have been destroyed. I envy you your bright colours.

  2. It's very beautiful, I like spring.
    Nice images.

  3. Aivan ihania kukkia! Meillä ei kuki vielä, muuta kuin leskenehdet jossakin paikassa.

  4. Looking at the flowers they look like non native bluebells, which I notice tend to arrive earlier than the natives!

  5. Spring offers us so much beauty.
    Gorgeous photos.
    Maria de
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  6. A gorgeous selection of spring flowers Roy. I love those colors, especially the Pasque flowers.

  7. Hi Roy!!!.. Pretty pictures .. Good weekend

  8. I really love the flower of Pasque.
    The little forest violin is also very beautiful.
    Lovely to see a lilac / purple blog :-)
    Okay .... with a little yellow ;-)


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