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Tuesday 28 June 2022

Thirsty Bird

Cetti's by the Water.

I was at a good location at Radipole Lake Reserve, Weymouth for shooting Dragonflies. 
Well concealed and camouflaged I was having some success with the Norfolk Hawker and the Emperor species.
Then, who should come along and down close to the water. My friend the Cetti's Warbler.

See below, is that a Werther's Original Butter Candy he's got in his beak.😀


  1. What a real treat for you to come upon this warbler and it was very accommodating to stay so long for your to obtain these superb photographs Roy. Well done. I have had to come to the I.O.W. again as my daughter needed the risky operation after the bad car crash and went through it on Monday so I am here to help as she can do nothing and is is terrible pain. It will be a long road to recovery si I will try and continue to make daily posts however my time to comment is VERY limited.

  2. Thanks Margaret. I hope your Daughter recovers as soon as possible.

  3. I bow to you, Sir Cetti Whisperer. :-)


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