Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Silver-studded Blue Butterfly

The Silver-studded Blue Butterfly.
The heathlands of Southern England is the likely place you will find the Silver-studded.
The Isle of Portland is a stronghold of this species and where I shot these images in a disused Quarry.
The average wing span of this very small species is (29mm) for the male and (31mm) for the female.
The flight time is usually July to August. These are quite early this year.

The image below shows the scale of the Silver-studded against grass.

The Silver-studded lives in small colonies and never travels farther than about 50 yards in its lifetime.

The view from the Quarry on Portland where I shot these images of the Silver-studded.

Below is Yellow Wort flower which I observed at the same location as the Butterfly.

The flower below is the Common Centaury, also observed at the location.

To identify the Silver-studded look out for the little silver marks within the larger black round marks on the underside of the wing.


  1. Upeat valokuvat, mielenkiintoisista kohtiesta. Meillä oli ritariperhonen (Papilio machaon) pihassa;-)

    1. Kiitos Anne. Vau, se oli todellinen nautinto nähdä. (Papilio machaon)

  2. Little beauties with wings and little beauties with petals.

    1. Lovely little species Wilma. Lots of markings for a tiny little butterfly.

  3. Hi Roy,
    Silver-studded Blue-Butterfly, so beautiful. I know one place here in the Netherlands where a can find them.. Rather rare !
    Beautiful images, A pleasure to see this!
    Regards Maria

    1. Thanks Maria. They are quite rare here as well.

  4. I've not seen this species to my knowledge so thanks for the tip re. ID, need to get photos though! Your images are wonderful.


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