Wednesday, 1 June 2022

A Lesser Wren?

You would normally associate a Wren as a species generally observed low to the ground in undergrowth or low bushes. Occasionally the male will sing from a higher perch, but not abnormally so.

This crazy bird that I observed at Radipole Lake Reserve, Weymouth this week has a personality complex. 🤣

It was foraging for food (Redpoll style) high up in an Alder tree. 

From what I could observe, it was searching amongst cones for insects and seeds.



  1. Hey Roy, what a treat today to see your photos! They are sharp and clear and amazing! Love that little bird. You have captured its personality so clearly! Super catching up today, thanks for dropping in.

  2. Busy wren! Quite the acrobat, too.


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